Digital financial accounting and modern bookkeeping

Creating transparency through digital financial accounting

For us, prudent bookkeeping is key to good consulting. It is therefore a demanding task to which we devote the required amount of attention. In this way, we bring everything in order to provide you with a basis for a comprehensive and correct overview of your company figures. We use modern tools such as digital financial accounting and digital document entry to achieve good results efficiently. At your request, we can also take over professional processing of your payment transactions and use the data already available in the digital financial accounting system. We can also support you professionally and competently in receivables management by monitoring payment deadlines and systematically preparing reminders and receivables management. We have all the necessary knowledge to also take into account labour and social security law aspects in a professional and legally sound manner. Many of our clients make use of our expertise to create internal capacity for other tasks. Our digital financial accounting forms the basis for clear and comprehensive reporting for our customers. We prepare financial reporting for you in a way that is individually tailored to your requirements so that important key figures are quickly recorded and can be incorporated into business management decisions.

We offer our clients monthly assessments of the controlling report from DATEV. By the way, you can also use the DATEV app for iPad to view and evaluate the company figures on your mobile device at any time.

Digitised document entry

We were one of the first tax offices that offered our clients digital document entry and digital financial accounting at an early stage. That is paying off today. We are experienced, secure and fast in dealing with digitalised accounting in DATEV. Your benefit: All receipts are centrally available to both our clients and us tax advisors after they are booked. Up-to-the-minute reports and quick answers to queries in the area of bookkeeping, as well as payroll and financial accounting, are therefore possible at any time.

We offer you, among other things:

  • Digital financial accounting for your company
  • Digital document entry via DATEV
  • Monthly accurate analyses of DATEV-supported reports
  • Payroll accounting via DATEV

“We have been working with digital document entry and accounting for seven years. Our experience has been overwhelmingly positive, and the system offers huge benefits. Our clients appreciate that they also have an overview for themselves at any time” Irene Sawall, Tax Specialist

Digital bookkeeping and digital financial accounting: the process

DATEV’s online solution meets the highest security requirements. This applies to both data protection and data security and is regularly audited and confirmed by independent third parties. The solution ensures a lean work process and also enables the digital integration of bank accounts. This way, all information is bundled in one place for quick access.

To make this sophisticated work process a little more comprehensible to you in its entirety, we’ve also presented it here in a practical graphic.

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