Valuation of a company

Take advantage of our strategic expertise in company valuation and the preparation of qualified expert opinions.

In most cases, company valuations and the associated expert opinions are performed as the basis for far-reaching decisions. This is because the company value determines the purchase price, makes your company the small, large or equal partner in a merger or serves as the basis for capital market decisions.

This is precisely why it makes sense to involve a neutral third party in the valuation of a company who can determine the value with expert knowledge or prepare expert opinions. We know what counts: market position, development prospects, potential and structure, we take all facts and framework conditions into account.

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We evaluate according to the following methods:

  • The capitalised earnings value method of the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany
  • The discounted cash flow method
  • Determination of the liquidation value
  • Assessment of the liquidation value
  • The simplified capitalised earnings value method and the multiplier method

»Company valuations always have an important reason. We are there for our clients when it matters. For example, in meetings with investors or banks in German and English or as an advisor in the case of restructuring.«