DATEV Arbeitnehmer online

Your digital tax advisor

Make wage and salary documents available online

With Arbeitnehmer online, you provide your employees with important wage and salary documents easily and securely online. Your employees can easily download their documents themselves with maximum security, transparency and flexibility: paper waste and printing costs are a thing of the past.

The documents are available in the portal for ten years. In addition to the DATEV computer centre, two alternative access methods ensure maximum security: the smsTAN or the new ID card.

Benefit from the advantages:

  • Flexible access: No matter whether it's late in the evening or at the weekend: you can access the relevant documents at any time, from any location. This also applies to payments that you can release around the clock.
  • Time for other things: Documents are automatically provided after payroll, eliminating the labour and time required to distribute gross/net payroll.
  • Secure data: All data is stored in the DATEV computer centre in Nuremberg, Germany with the highest standards of data protection and security.
  • Paperless office: As wage statements are available online for ten years, there is no need to keep them in swing files in your company or for your employees at home.