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Digital cooperation for your tax return

The DATEV Meine Steuern online application supports efficient cooperation between the law firm and the client in all aspects of tax returns. The application complements the preparation process in a meaningful way and ensures an end-to-end digital process in preparing the tax return.

All necessary information and receipts are recorded by the client in DATEV Meine Steuern and made available to the firm digitally. The firm accesses this data with the DATEV Einkommensteuer program and prepares tax returns for your client on the basis of the information. The completed tax return can then be made available to the client digitally online via DATEV Freizeichnung.

Benefit from the advantages:

  • Time savings: Fast digital processes ensure smooth data exchange. Receipts no longer have to be brought in during office hours. Instead, they can be made available for further processing in your firm, independent of time and location.
  • Efficiency: From the digital exchange of receipts to the electronic application for adjustment of advance payments, the end-to-end digital way of working ensures more efficient processes when preparing tax returns.
  • Flexibility: You have access to the stored digital receipts and information at any time. In this way, you can define the type and scope of cooperation individually, and this results in occasions for consultation during the year.
  • Transparency: The client and firm access the same data in DATEV Meine Steuern. A list of recommended documents supports the client in providing relevant information.
  • Security: You can transmit receipts, documents and information via the certified DATEV cloud and everything is protected from unauthorised access.

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