What our clients say about us

CFO Thomas Witt, Schütz Dental Unternehmensgruppe, based in Rosbach:

» I find Bert & Daiber to be competent, contactable at any time, trustworthy and pragmatic, a reliable partner all-round. «

Managing Director Uwe Thetmann, Thetmann Asset Management GmbH / Thetmann Immobilien Services GmbH, based in Bensheim

» We have been working together for seven years now and the relationship is characterised by uncomplicated cooperation and short communication channels. The competence of the partners and the staff is very high. Also we can always rely on punctual completion.. «

Managing Director Dagmar Schocker, COT Computer OEM Trading GmbH, based in Dieburg

» Bert & Daiber works in an uncomplicated and competent manner. «

ikarus Design Handel GmbH, based in Gelnhausen

» The tax office of Bert & Daiber is a professional partner that works at our level. We appreciate this cooperative and always uncomplicated collaboration. We have been able to develop alongside Bert & Daiber. «

Chairman Dr. Wolfgang Dietz, Dietz Gruppe, based in Bensheim

» Bert & Daiber delivers its services with a high level of accuracy and great competence. For example reports on annual accounts and consolidated accounts include numerous analytical explanations and comprehensive documentation on important contracts. We and our banks really appreciate this. «

Managing Director Martin Kübel, CML Gesellschaft für Planung und Projektmanagement mbH, based in Mannheim

» I always feel I am being advised in a comprehensive and trustful manner, with one particular characteristic: complex interrelationships are always explained in an understandable and transparent way and sufficient time is taken for this purpose. I felt that my project was always their project – a simple formula that created great trust. «