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Bert&Daiber Team

tax consultant-bert-daiber-carola-bert

Carola Bert

Auditor |
Tax consultant

Steuerberater Bert Daiber Jürgen Daiber

Jürgen Daiber

Auditor |
Tax consultant

tax consultant-bert-daiber-sabine-delauso

Sabine De Lauso


tax consultant-bert-daiber-silvia-appel

Silvia Appel

Assistant tax consultant

Steuerberater Bert & Daiber - Irene Sawall

Irene Sawall

Assistant tax consultant |
Tax specialist

Steuerberater Bert Daiber Sylvia Wackernagel

Sylvia Wackernagel

Assistant tax consultant

Steuerberater Bert & Daiber - Emel Albayrak

Emel Albayrak

Assistant tax consultant |
Bachelor of science

tax consultant-bert-daiber-nelli-sawal

Nelli Sawal

Office worker

tax consultant-bert-daiber-anita-sawall

Anita Sawall

Office worker

tax consultant-bert-daiber-silke-luehr


Tax Specialist |
Tax Assistant

tax consultant-bert-daiber-kathrin-kschon

Kathrin Kschon

Assistant tax consultant

tax consultant-bert-daiber-elvira-gejbel

Elvira Gejbel

Retail salesperson

tax consultant-bert-daiber-anita-schreiber

Anita Schreiber

Office clerk

tax consultant-bert-daiber-stephanie-kramer

Stephanie Cramer

Assistant tax consultant |
Graduate business economist (FH)

Steuerberater Wirtschaftsprüfer Darmstadt Appiah

Mathilde Appiah

Assistant tax consultant

Steuerberater Wirtschaftsprüfer Darmstadt Maresch

Michelle Maresch

Bachelor of law

Steuerberater Wirtschaftsprüfer Darmstadt Zambito

Giuseppe Zambito

Assistant tax consultant